OF and another way to support me

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Do you already follow me on OnlyFans? If yes, thank for your support!

If you want to support me even more, and have account on CB, please create a new account with my affiliate link! if you do, CB will give me an extra 20% from the tokens you spend! Even if you do not spend them on me. Oh, and don’t worry, this will not affect the amount other cam girls get from your tokens.

As an option you can add k_ at the beginning or _k the end of your nickname so I would know you did it for me, thank you!

Just open the following link in the incognito window then create an account on chaturbate.


You can do it for the next few months while I’m sorting things out or maybe forever.

P.S. Most probably somebody already takes a share from spending on your current account. And it could be just a nerdy bearded guy 🙂