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Cam Model 2.0 *Class, Quality and Art



Who Am I?

Hello! I’m Kitsune (Kit). This is my screen name I took long time ago due to the certain personality traits and my interest to Japanese mythology.

I’m a cam model and create adult content. I do not like pornography and enjoy erotic and artistic visuals and hope that you will share the same inclination with me.

Being an alive human being and not just a “pixel girl”, I enjoy various things — good tea and tasty food, Yoga and Pilates, comfortable warm bed to sleep in or just to read my books, comfortable cloths and shoes, dancing, playing ukulele, various styles of photography, good music, walks with my dogs, travel, social interaction with interesting people or my close friends, holy wars on facebook on various topics, practicing weird esoteric stuff and martial arts, dreaming.

To learn more about me, you may watch my vlogs on my YouTube channel.

If you are interested in my live erotic shows please check my video chat room here. Please follow me if I’m offline to get notified when the show begins.


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‘I don’t do pornography. I enjoy Art.’ – if the definition of pornography is to arouse the viewer.. what you do is FAR beyond pornography… so much better!
You have such a sensuous nature about you. You body is absolutely remarkable. Most of all though is you overall essence about you. Simply amazing.
Such smooth skin on a perfect female form. Artistic movements and to top it off, one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the chance to talk to.



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My Blog

2802, 2018

Insomnia Diary. Part 1

By |February 28th, 2018|Categories: Photo Novels|Tags: , , |

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2002, 2018

Oh, my site is up again!!!

By |February 20th, 2018|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

Few months ago this site got hacked and though I attempted to get professional help and it was cleaned from all malware, it still was in black list of Google.

I gave up on it (as it was pretty expensive to clean it every time) and made another one. That one has it’s own pros and cons (cannot be hacked but is inconvenient to fill the content) and I will keep it for rainy days.

Hope the problem here got resolved for good as I really like to keep blogging here and overall like how I constructed it at some point.

And I have plenty of ideas now that will go well on this site… So, tune in for some interesting updates soon! 🙂


2206, 2017

Barry Adamson – Jazz Devil

By |June 22nd, 2017|Categories: Music|Tags: |


When God appeared before me I was drowning in my pool
I was fifty over thirty but lookin’ real cool
He said a life of tedious insights and an overflowing cup
Just don’t cut the mustard I’m afraid you can’t come up

I fell way down it seemed into a bottomless pit
A sign saying “Hotel Hades” was the only thing a-lit
Beelzebub was hangin’ but he wouldn’t cut no slack
He told me the big cat hath spoken I’m afraid you’re going back as the
Jazz Devil. Full and greedy I’m the
Jazz Devil. Libido needy I’m the
Jazz Devil, fly me in the mix
Where you can call me agent double-oh six-six-six

I cruise the streets of London with just one thing on my mind
Gotta passport labelled fun of the interactive kind
But first I found some cats and they were howling at the moon
I told ’em you play the instruments and I’ll play the buffoon

We broke into a sombre march called “Misery and Woe”
And then we upped the tempo ’til the juice began to flow
All a sudden this chick named Mimi just appeared right outta the blue
Sayin’ I’ve been searchin’ for someone and now I know who
Jazz Devil. Sick and racy I’m the
Jazz Devil. But very tasty I’m the
Jazz Devil, fly me in the mix
Where you can call me agent double-oh six-six-six

Me and Mimi settled down in the family kinda way
Won ten million on the lottery without no debt to pay
And in the wee small hours when there was no place left to spend
We’d open up each other so the days would never end

Some jealous cats caught wind of this and armed up to the teeth
They came in search of me and she with their pistols underneath
And they caught me going down a thing that made them just see red
And as Mimi hit the no return they filled me fulla lead

Damn… I’m dead!

When God appeared before me I was lyin’ in a pool
I was fifty over thirty but lookin’ real cool
He said a life of tedious insights and a tendency to crack
Just don’t cut the mustard time to head on back

I fell way down I knew into a bottomless pit
(Oh no here we go)
The sign saying “Hotel Hades” is the only sign that’s lit
Beezelbub was hangin’ but he never cuts no slack
He says, the big cat hath spoken again you’re going back as the
Jazz Devil. Every mornin hail the
Jazz Devil. Cos as long as days keep dawnin’ I’m the
Jazz Devil, fly me in the mix
You know that I am agent double-oh six-six-six (wow)

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